Sonnen Will Prove His Words Against Silva

The much awaited UFC 117 is finally here. So much buzz has been spreading on the match up of Chael Patrick Sonnen against the dominant fighter Anderson Silva. His name is no newbie in the world of UFC. Most of his fights has been covered up by much popular fights in other divisions that’s why fans just don’t recognize his achievements. Nevertheless, Anderson Silva has something to brag out. He is the current UFC Middleweight Champion as well as the promotion’s longest reigning champion. With 12 consecutive wins, Silva holds the longest active winning streak in the UFC and the record for the longest winning streak in UFC history. He has been holding the Middleweight championship title since UFC 67 when he defeated Rich Franklin.

In the past four months, Silva’s challenger, Chael Patrick Sonnen has been trash talking on their upcoming fight against him and this has caught so much buzz among the fans. He has mercilessly mocked and insulted the champion.

Finally, Sonnen could prove to Silva that he’s not only good at words but in fighting as well. The champion has been keeping his profile low, remained soft spoken and has been giving as good as he’s getting.

UFC 117 Live Stream could be your solution to witness this much awaited event. For those who can make it to the octagon live, then it would be more exciting.

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