Spain will face Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Finals

The match between the top 2 teams of this year’s FIFA would finally happen few hours from now. Cheers would soon be heard from the 94,000 seated audience inside Soccer City later at around 8:30 pm (South African time).

The undefeated Dutch team will face the Spanish team who as been unpredictable and known to et their opponents suffer with a remarkable rate of ball possession.

Netherlands vs Spain live stream can seen in various sites such as ESPN3, Ustream, Sopcast and Justin TV. Live TV broadcast are being offered by ABC, ESPN and Univison.

Paul the octopus has already predicted that Spain will win in this match but everyone knows that winning the World Cup needs discipline, and the most important team work and dedication.

Anything could happen today and surely a lot has been preparing now for the match.

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